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Frequently Asked Questions

35 years, provided it is properly stored and maintained.

SkySaver can be used to evacuate incapacitated or unconscious personnel from the nacelle area in any situation. It is an extremely relevant solution in the case of medical emergencies that can occur in everyday ordinary, non-fire-related scenarios.

Yes, but if a SkySaver unit has been used, it will need to be reprovisioned by SkySaver or a SkySaver approved technician.

As soon as you reach the ground:

  • If you are using a rescue backpack, you unbuckle and remove it
  • If you are using an external CDD with harness, you unclip the carabiner from the CDD

SkySaver recommends that you immediately remove yourself from the turbine area and keep a safe distance until the fire personnel have cleared the area for use.

The SkySaver carries a 7-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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We recommend that the product be inspected regularly. Provided that the product is stored safely and according to our guidelines, it is sufficient to inspect every 12 months.

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The patented mechanism of the SkySaver CDD lowers you at a constant, controlled speed. The advantages of this are that 1) that there is nothing that prevents the user from descending to the ground once the descent has started; and 2) it is a reliable solution in the case of incapacitated or unconscious personnel that need to be evacuated from the nacelle area.

SkySaver does not install the anchor and highly recommends that it be installed by a professional technician. The anchor point has to be installed into the correct material that will be able to hold sufficient weight for the SkySaver to be used. Please refer to our Downlads page for more detailed installation instructions.

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The SkySaver has been developed by top security and fire professionals with the user in mind. It is a simple three-step process that enables anyone to use it without any prior training or experience. We do, however, recommend that you familiarize yourself with the equipment, as this can save you valuable seconds in an emergency situation.

Its hands-free design is one of the things that makes SkySaver a uniquely foolproof solution: There is nothing that prevents the user from descending to the ground once the descent has started. This is why SkySaver requires virtually no training. It is also what makes it a reliable solution in the case of incapacitated or unconscious personnel that need to be evacuated from the nacelle area.

The SkySaver will lower you to safety without the use of gloves. However, using gloves can be a helpful addition.

The SkySaver is the safest option in a scenario where all other emergency exits are no longer available. SkySaver encourages people to use the emergency exits if available and reserve the use of the SkySaver for life/death situations where no other option is available. SkySaver has been tested according to recognized international standards (ASTM and ANSI) and has gone through rigorous testing that the product has met and exceeded.

66-264 lb or 30-120 kg

The cable that is used on all SkySaver models is a galvanized steel cable, resistant to fire and sharp edges.

No. This is a Controlled Descent Device that uses a fire resistant steel cable to lower you down at a steady rate of 6 feet/second. The United States Parachute Association sets the minimum pack opening altitude for experienced skydivers at 2,000 feet, and 5,500 feet for less experienced skydivers, so parachuting from a 160 meter wind turbine would not be an option.

Yes. SkySaver recommends you use this device only in cases of emergency whereby this is your last chance of survival. SkySaver should only be used if alterative emergency exits are unavailable.

There are multiple product variations available. The product is primarily divided into two categories: Rescue Backpack and External CDD. Please refer to our Pricing page for up-to-date price information.

SkySaver is available from resellers and distributors around the world. Please contact us to find a reseller/distributor in your area.

SkySaver was established in 2011. The company has assembled an experienced team that has advised SkySaver in areas of security and fire safety.

These are internationally recognized certifications.

Category: Safety

The product has been certified by Gravitec Labs according to ASTM and ANSI standards for Multi-Story Building Evacuation Controlled Descent Devices. ASTM E2484-08 ASTM F1772-12, 12.1.2 ANSI Z359.4.

Category: Safety

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