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How SkySaver Works

The SkySaver Rescue Backpack looks just like a regular backpack, but contains a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that utilizes a redundant centrifugal- and friction-based braking system to lower the user to the ground. It does so at a comfortable and steady rate of 6 feet / 2 meters per second.

Using SkySaver, the evacuation itself will take less than 30 seconds and an entire rescue operation will only take a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for rescue professionals or costly on-site helicopters.

The External CDD solution functions just like the backpack apart from the fact that the Controlled Descent Device is external and is hooked up to a harness.

Hands-Free Design

Its hands-free design is one of the things that makes SkySaver a uniquely foolproof solution: There is nothing that prevents the user from descending to the ground once the descent has started. This is why SkySaver requires virtually no training. It is also what makes it a reliable solution in the case of incapacitated or unconscious personnel that need to be evacuated from the nacelle area.