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The patented SkySaver emergency evacuation solutions are available in two variations:

SkySaver Rescue Backpack
SkySaver External CDD

Rescue Backpack

The Rescue Backpack is the embedded CDD for your personnel to quickly and safely evacuate the danger area, enabling instant descent to the ground, from up to 160 meters.

The built-in harness is easily deployed in case of an emergency situation. Typically, this takes less than 15 seconds for a person that has already tried the backpack on and is somewhat familiar with it.

The Rescue Backpack carries the CDD device inside it.

Extended solutions

The backpack and the external solution can be combined in order to cater for even the tallest wind turbine models in the market.

External Controlled Descent Device

The External CDD is used with the patented SkySaver harness (or a SkySaver approved harness already in use in your organisation).

Unlike the Rescue Backpack, the CDD unit may be pre-installed at the nacelle’s evacuation point.

This solution ensures the safe, instant evacuation from the wind turbine’s nacelle with a range of up to 160 meters.