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Technical Information

Controlled Descent Device (CDD)

  • Max descending height: 525 ft / 160 m
  • Braking mechanism: Friction based planetary gear system
  • The CDD drun, cable materials, anchoring and screws are made of galvanized steel
  • Fire, heat, cold, water, salt, sharp edge resistance
  • Cable temperature resistance under max load: 572 oF / 300 oC
  • CDD temperature resistance: 392 oF / 200 oC
  • Descending speed: Up to 6.6 ft per second / 2 m per second at constant speed
  • The CDD is delivered with a 7-year warranty with possibility of re-certification
  • The CDD has a lifespan of up to 35 years


Rescue Backpack

The SkySaver backpack is sturdy, durable, and comfortable. There was an immense amount of research and development put into its design and functionality.

With this revolutionary backpack, we ensure your safety as well as your comfort as you are lowered out of harm’s way.


  • The backpack is double-stitched at integral points and made with lightweight materials
  • The straps of the backpack are padded in order to guarantee maximum comfort. SkySaver is adjustable to different sizes so it fits you snugly
  • This is the first ever backpack with an integrated harness. In addition to ensuring your safety, the backpack assures your comfort
  • The hazard colors allow for you to be easily identified during an emergency, and the reflective strips allow you to be visible in smoke or nighttime situations
  • The buckles are incredibly durable and load bearing, remarkably safe and finely crafted
  • The red strap allows for quick and easy access to release the harness, so you can strap on the backpack as quickly as possible
  • The padding encapsulates your body in order to prevent shock suspension
Close-up image of internal SkySaver CDD